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Delivering the energy Canada and the world needs

By 2035, the global population will be 8.7 billion. That's 1.6 billion more consumers of energy than in 2016. Brion Energy sees all of its activities within this market-changing environment.

As an integrated energy business within the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) family, our focus is on responsible production and delivery of oil and gas to meet the demands of Canada and the world, while creating value for our shareholders.

We're on a journey to becoming a low-cost producer by thinking differently and applying new approaches to business. And with more than $10 billion invested in upstream and midstream, and our diverse and talented work force, Brion Energy is well positioned to unlock, produce and distribute energy resources for years to come. 

In Canada's highly competitive energy business, we understand that only the most efficient and innovative businesses will survive in the long run. We will enhance the profitability and sustainability of Brion Energy by piloting creative new technologies and work processes, carefully planning for strategic growth, and leveraging the global capabilities and capacity of PetroChina and our affiliated CNPC companies.