Integrity Above All

We are a company where social responsibility, safety and environmental stewardship are not just things we pay lip service to, but are woven deeply into the very fabric of who we are.

And amid the fervent global debate over Alberta’s bitumen-rich oil sands, Brion Energy is proving that responsible development is more than just a pipe dream. In two wholly owned assets—the MacKay River and Dover Commercial projects—Brion Energy is applying steam-assisted gravity draining (SAGD), an enhanced, environmentally sensible thermal recovery technology for bitumen.

Since Brion Energy (formerly Dover Operating Corp.) was established in June 2010, we have forged a culture fuelled by passion, professionalism and safety. Reaching towards 400,000 barrels per day from our primary assets is a noble cause. And a serious responsibility. One that is rich with rewards for all – if overseen with noble intentions.