Senior Drilling Engineer


The Senior Drilling Engineer reports to the Manager- Drilling & Completions and  is responsible for the planning and coordination of engineering efforts within the drilling team. This position is based in Calgary.


1. Managing Dover’s drilling technology and initiatives, including:

a. Conducting detailed drilling engineering of SAGD horizontal wells focusing on directional design, casing/liner design, wellhead equipments design, borehole stability analysis, drilling fluids selection, surface and intermediate casing cementing quality control, sand control and production string designs.
b. Maintaining high quality planning, technical design, operating practices and cost estimates for vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.
c. Reviewing all tendering processes, preparing/finalizing contracts, and/or coordinating purchasing/buying .

2. Monitoring regulatory requirements, and ensuring that Dover is operating within both internal and external guidelines including:

a. Evaluating and overseeing vendors/contractors to carry out drilling activities as applicable.
b. Coordinating with internal/external vendors’ information/documents communication system including: Action Sheet initiation and approval procedures, AFE template and approval system, drilling design/program review procedures and management approval procedures,  ERCB and other regulators’ system/procedures, drilling personnel training and professional development system.
c. Providing daily operational direction to effectively manage safety, cost, schedule and quality.
d. Actively reviewing HS&E guidelines and acting as the primary point of contact for onsite supervisors and vendors
e. Providing well control and emergency planning response expertise


• Relevant undergraduate degree in Engineering and APEGGA Professional Engineer Accreditation.
• Minimum of 10 years of drilling/completions experience with previous experience in SAGD drilling/completions (well pair placement and design, slant/self mobile rig selection, etc.).  Additional field operational experience preferred.
• Knowledgeable in regulatory requirements, industry recommended best practices, well control procedures and licensing.
• Demonstrated track record of success in working in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
• Highly motivated team player who is willing and able to mentor junior staff

Interested parties should fill out Brion’s job application form. Please attach your resume along with a covering letter (in the same document) highlighting your directly related previous experience and accomplishments.