Senior Geomodeller


Reporting to the Manager, Geoscience, the Senior Geomodeller is responsible for developing 3D geological models of thermal reservoirs for both of Dover Operating Corp’s SAGD projects, Mackay River Commercial Project and Dover Commercial Project. This position is based in Calgary.


Utilize geoscience methodologies to develop comprehensive 3D models:

  • Integrate a wide variety of geological, petrophysical, engineering and seismic data for use in building and validating geological block models.
  • Use of common geostatistical methods to building geologically-realistic models.
  • Running subsurface workflows to capture subsurface uncertainty.
  • Aiding in optimum landing depth for SAGD well placement in reservoir.
  • Provide engineering with geocellular models to perform detailed simulation and work with engineering teams to validate results.
  • Develop an integrated understanding of reservoir heterogeneities related to bitumen production by gaining a strong understanding of available core data and integration of image logging.
  • Carry out and integrate seismic interpretations into geostatistical model.

Other Geological responsibilities include:

  • Researching new geostatistical approaches to oil sands geomodelling.
  • Keeping abreast of new oil sands knowledge and performance of existing thermal projects.
  • Working in a collaborative environment to ensure data integrity.
  • Integrating and mapping new geological and geophysical data.
  • Aiding with development geology tasks.


  • Master’s degree in Geosciences or Geostatistics
  • Registered with APEGGA
  • A minimum of 10+ years progressive skill development in creating and applying geomodelling to developing thermal oil recovery projects
  • Practical experience with 3D thermal reservoir modeling techniques, including a solid level using Petrel software
  • Experience in the interpretation and application of geophysics in constructing geological models
  • Sound knowledge of geophysical wireline log interpretation
  • Good command of clastic sedimentological description and interpretation
  • Advanced stratigraphic correlation and subsurface mapping skills
  • Excellent planning and execution skills
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team
  • Capacity to execute projects autonomously
  • Strong organizational skills

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