If It Isn’t Open and Honest, It Isn’t Dialogue

Honest, transparent, ongoing dialogue… that’s our sincere commitment to the communities, local residents and key stakeholder groups in the areas in which Brion Energy operates. Our community engagement strategies are built on principles that reinforce respect, understanding, trust and mutual benefit.

Our community and stakeholder engagement activities will continue throughout the life of all projects within our lease areas. We will work to establish positive long-term relationships with all key stakeholders by:

  • Providing communities and stakeholders with clear and timely information that meets their needs
  • Identifying community and stakeholder issues, concerns and ideas
  • Providing communities and stakeholders with opportunities and venues to comment on company activities that may impact them
  • Building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships within the communities and with stakeholders who are potentially affected by our activities
  • Identifying and participating in sustainable mechanisms that benefit the quality of life for people living and working in the regions in which we operate.