We’re Your Neighbours Too

Our employees live and work alongside you in your community. At Brion Energy, we are a company where social responsibility, safety and environmental stewardship are not just things we pay lip service to, but are woven deeply into the very fabric of the company – at the heart of who we are.

For Brion, community involvement can take different forms. For example, in 2012 we have taken an active role in the Energy in Action program through the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

Calgary Food Raiser

In 2012 Brion Energy employees completed in a contest to see which floor could bring in the most food for the Calgary Food Bank. Thanksgiving and the holiday seasons were approaching Brion wanted to help. The challenge was simple: be creative and raise more food than the other floors in the building.

When the challenge was complete, we successfully donated more than $11,000 worth of food in two weeks. At the time, our staff consisted of 150 people, and the Calgary Food Bank had to make two trips with their cube van to collect the entire donation.

“I’m impressed,” said July Brewster, Development Coordinator with the Calgary Food Bank. “When a company of 150 people tells us they’re going to collect food we expect maybe one and a half food hamper boxes – at most.”